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"I am originally from Valencia, Venezuela. I started my artistic journey back in 1990 when I was just 5 years old; always learning beautiful techniques from my mother and my aunts who are also artists.
When I grew up I decided to pursue my career in arts when I was just 8 years old and I studied Art at the School of Fine Arts in Valencia. 
Growing up my passion for arts grew more and more, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and a Master's in  Management in my hometown, Valencia. 
One day I decided to pursue my American Dream and arrived in the City of Orlando in 2017 where I developed an art project in which I taught different art techniques and origami to adults and children of all ages to promote their talents and help them discover their inner artist.

In August 2022, I relocated to New York City, where I keep writing colorful stories and sharing my artwork in this beautiful city."



"I always loved Entertainment, playing roles in musicals with my siblings in my parent's living room also, recording myself while hosting my radio and TV show, years went by and back in 2010, I decided to pack in just 1 suitcase all my dreams and goals and arrived at the City of Orlando, but it was not until 2015 where I was able to go back to school after getting my Bachelors at Law in Caracas, to get my degree in what I feel most passionate about; earning my degree in Entertainment Business was in my bucket list. I am now happy to have a Master of Arts in New Media Journalism.
Working at The Walt Disney Company, and hosting the "Artistic Spot" Podcast have been part of a story that I love. 

In 2022 I relocated to New York City, and I now work in commercial theatre on Broadway. I am Assistant General Manager in Foresight Theatrical. Foresight’s current roster includes Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Funny Girl, Moulin Rouge! Tour, Life of Pi, Good Night, Oscar, New York, New York: A New Musical, and Grey House. Past productions have included some of the most famous shows of all time, such as the longest-running production in Broadway history, The Phantom of the Opera. Upcoming productions include Here Lies Love, The Wiz, Betty Boop & Girl From the North Country on Tour. As I always say, we are all actors in our movies, singers in our musicals, and writers of our books and I am writing my story in this adventure called life."

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